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Our Belief —

We believe that quality in skincare begins with the purest natural substances the earth has to offer. We know that a rose isn’t just a rose – that even among identical rose oils, the choice of its region and growing conditions can greatly impact its quality. That is why we started Trèfle, to provide quality skincare by using only the purest essential oils and extracts from world’s finest botanicals.

At Trèfle, every product is built on the basics – our passion for the botanicals and aromatics. We honor and respect all of our botanical oils and extracts by ensuring that it is purely extracted from the plant it claims to be – no synthetics or additives. By searching for only the finest essential ingredients, we formulate a skincare product that is actually pure, concentrated and effective that will make you look as beautiful as they smell. Our botanical ingredients are fully packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that will keep your skin nourished with a gentle yet confident aroma. Because we believe skincare should be both aromatic and revitalizing experience, we work closely with leading aromatherapists and dermatologists to make sure that our products give you genuine results that you can feel and smell.